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Ok due to the Seattle smoking ban I would like everyone to do the following.

1) Anytime you go to a bar, restaurant, bus, restaurant or other public establishment, Douse yourself in one full bottle of the crappiest foul smelling cologne/perfume you can find. Then once inside, continually spray yourself with a second bottle. Mabybe they'll ban Chanel no.5.

2) Make sure you are 25 ft from non smoking zones, but seek out the largest group of people you can find (like a bus stop) light up a huge cheap stogy and when asked to stop tell them the following: "I used to smoke these in cigar rooms at bars, that law passed and now I have to smoke them here....happy?"

3)Go to health food stores and chew tobacco (or simulate it with coffee grounds or loose leaf tea) Continuously spitting into a clear plastic cup. Make sure the cup is very full and talk to the customers and proprietors in close proximity while gesticulating wildly with shaky hands.

4) When in restaurants go up to the heaviest person you can find and inform them of the health risks of obesity....show graphic photographs as well

5) Chew gum constantly and keep your mouth open. Make it as nauseating as possible. Tell them it is an alternative to smoking.

6) By not going to former smoking establishments, they will lose customers. Eventually after enough businesses shut down businesses will invtervene and lobby for a repeal...like in pierce county.

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I am staying around Seattle for a week (until next Tuesday). Is there any cool shows that are going on this week? Also I am actually staying in the Tacoma area, if I don’t go into the city what the hell is there to do around here?
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Z-Trip, Black Sheep, Goldenchyld @ Neumo's Wed. Aug 24!

Wednesday, August 24

Z Trip

w/ Black Sheep
DJ Goldenchyld

$15 advance tickets at TicketsWest
Doors 8:00pm
All-ages, bar with ID

There are thousands of DJs who roam the music world these days, each with pockets of recognition and bits of fame. A few hundred of those actually have careers, built from a certain knowledge of music and skill, particularly in the genre of hip-hop. They disseminate that musical message behind two turntables or a production board earning their keep.

But only one DJ can be considered one of the best live performance DJs ever, by both fans and peers. Only one DJ can lay claim to being among the first new-school turntablists to incorporate thunderous rock riffs, right alongside meaty funk beats, swinging soul riffs and old hip-hop breaks. Only one DJ consistently headlines sold-out shows around the world. Only one DJ has been personally asked by Linkin Park, Cypress Hill, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Matthews to join them on the road. Only one DJ can be called the progenitor of the modern-day mash-up.

We're talking, of course, about Z-Trip. After years of forging an emblematic identity as one of hip-hop's preeminent DJs and showmen, Z-Trip has created his debut album, SHIFTING GEARS. It's a time-traveling, stylistic opus that lives up to his reputation as being one of today's modern day music masters.

925 East Pike Street
Buy tickets online at www.TicketsWest.com, in person at select QFC’s and Rudy’s Barbershops, The Bad Juju Lounge (1518 11th Ave) or by calling 1-800-992-TIXX.