Sounds of Mass Production (smphq) wrote in seattlesleaze,
Sounds of Mass Production

SMP remix album out now.

SMP (aka Sounds of Mass Production) has released “Pissing on the Legacy,” a digital-only remix album.  The album-- which contains remixes by Albatrosse, Bloodwire, Digital Geist, Databind, Diskonnekted, Hardwire, Penal Colony, Spinefolder, and Stochastic Theory -- is available for purchase now at

“Pissing on the Legacy,” which is SMP’s second remix album (the first being the 2001 release, “Hacked”) will be available through all legitimate digital download sites in the near future.

“Pissing on the Legacy” is comprised of remixed versions of most of the tracks from SMP’s fifth studio album, “The Treatment.”  It is graced by the musicianship of Wade Alin of Christ Analogue, Mike Welch of Slave Unit, Chris Roy of Doll Factory, and Dee Madden of Penal Colony.

SMP is still on hiatus, having performed its last concert more than six months ago in Seattle, WA., at the El Corazon.  There are no plans for future releases.

For more information:

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