Tawnee Lynne (ex_tawneelyn258) wrote in seattlesleaze,
Tawnee Lynne

I need your help please

Today my car was stolen. On top of all the hell I am in with my broken shoulder and accident crap, and the leukemia, now my car, which just got out of the shop yesterday, was stolen in Seattle last night between 12:30 am and 6:30 am. Can anyone in the Seattle area please keep a look out for it and call 911 if you spot it? I really need it, I can't take buses because I am neutropenic. Am I job reincarnated with boobs or what? Please help if you can. Here are the details.

93 Saturn SLI green almost teal, plate # 184 PEQ. Key markings on hood and trunk and alone the door.

Crying but still trying to believe that in the end the good guy wins... or girl.


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