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Sounds of Mass Production

The Crills 2009

OK people, The Crills have a lot in store for 2009.  We've been working our asses off so the beginning of the year will be rockin' for both you and us.       
We've been adding stuff to the repertoire every week, most recently California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys, Borstal Breakout by Sham 69, and Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen.
Finally, we wanna thank every single person that has come out to at least one show over the last two years, that's what keeps this going.
See ya soon,
The Crills
Jan 9 - Redline W/Hendrix band...this dude seriously plays like Jimi, and guest
Jan 15 - Bit Saloon W/Boot Liquor and guest
Jan 22 - Motor W/Burning Hearts Burlesque - Seattle's newest club!
Feb 20 - Studio Seven W/Agent Orange!  
We are incredibly excited to open for one of our punk-rock heroes.  You can buy tickets through us for only 9 dollars; otherwise it's 11 at   
These guys started back in '79 and one of the first bands to pioneer skate-punk.
Merchandise: The Crills shirts available securely through
The Crills are the only cover band that matters, playing old-school punk-rock from the 70s and 80s.
For more local punk check out:
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